Dark Brown Hair Color with Highlights for 2017

Monotone hair colors don’t surprise anymore while highlights, ombres and sombres are another story. Highlights and ombres may radically transform your monotone and boring locks into something more fun. They may refresh and update your hair color while adding some extra texture to your hairstyle. Playing with different hair colors is really fun! However you will still need to decide which effect you would love to have on your locks. Some ladies prefer to keep it simple with subtle highlight others want to apply edgy shades to make a bold statement. Check out these dark brown hair colors with highlights for 2017 and pick the best hue for you.Dark Brown Hair Color with Highlights for 2017Light Brown Hair Highlights

You don’t want a bold hair color? Well, try to pick something from the same color family as yours to give your hairstyle an easy update. Light brown highlights will create a natural glow effect. Place the highlights throughout your strands to make them appear as natural as possible. It is a low-maintenance look that doesn’t require special effort to maintain.Light Brown Hair Highlights

Barely-There Brown Highlights

Some highlights look so natural that you may doubt whether they exist or not. If you want to try hair highlights but you worry how they will come out, make them subtle and place some lighter streaks towards the tips of your locks. The look is really simple and delicate highlights definitely provide a feminine and subtle hair color.  

Dark Hair with Bright Highlights

Want lots contrast? Consider this gorgeous option! To recreate it ask your colorist to place some bright hair highlights throughout the strands but away from the roots. Concentrate the color towards the tips for extra volume, movement and depth. However you will still need to choose a right shade for highlights. Strawberry blonde and coppery hues work really well with natural dark hair.Dark Hair with Bright HighlightsCopper Hair Highlights

When it comes to highlights for brown hair, options are really versatile. This two-tone hair color is perfect from a casual everyday look to a formal event. The light coppery highlights create softness that draws lots of attention. Note that this hairstyle also has a super natural appearance. You just need to give your locks some effortless waves to finish the look.Copper Hair HighlightsPurple Highlights

Purple hair highlights can be placed to add a subtle edge to your hairstyle. However these hair highlights for dark hair don’t create a huge contrast. This particular example proves that not all highlights for brown hair are meant to provide a huge contrast. The deep purple hue of these highlights is just adorable. The color looks natural and adds extra texture to the locks.burgundy hair highlights