Two Tone Hair Color Ideas for 2017

Two tone hair colors define women’s confident and strong nature. Tow tone hair colors may involve both solid and unnatural hues. You can even incorporate some hair highlights in a sombre or omber pattern. Having a hair color that uses more than one shade will make you stand out in the crowd. Apart from this, with the help of tow tone hair color you can make you hairdo more detailed. However sometimes it may seem really hard to commit between the shades because you can’t be sure that the hues will work for you. Look through these pictures of two-tone hair color ideas for 2017 to get inspiration on what you can achieve.Two Tone Hair Color Ideas for 2017Mahogany to Copper Ombre

Well, going for various hues is a fantastic option, but you should be super careful while choosing the colors. This particular design is great for any lady with long hair. The color combo is all about transitioning from mahogany to copper to create a stunning ombre style. The long hair is styled stick straight that you will also need to sweep back for a better look.Mahogany to Copper OmbreBlack and White Hair Color

The next important thing is how you decide to use the shades. Note that each technique provides a different look. In this particular design the tones are in simple but tempting pattern that requires maintaining the roots natural and adding white blonde streaks on the tips. The breathtaking contrast between the shades is catchy. Stick straight styling and a simple center part help put the color on display.Black and White Hair ColorPastel Two Tone Hair Color

If you love to pull off sparkling hairstyles, this color design will be great for you. It requires giving your locks a purple and pink shade through half and half color technique. With such a vibrant and bright hair color, boxer braids that incorporate all the strands and flows all the way back are all you need. It is a casual style that can be worn at gym too. However with a color like this you will definitely stand out everywhere.Pastel Two Tone Hair ColorDark Brown to Red Ombre

Ombre is one of those hair color techniques that will always be on trend so you can be confident that it will make you stylish. But the color choice is still the most important part. In this flawless look the color starts with a dark brown hue and it transitions to a shiny and bright red to create a mind-blowing contrast. The hair has been swept back to show off the color combo.Dark Brown to Red OmbreRed Violet to Deep Red

Long straight and smooth locks have been given a perfect dye job to make them bright and stylish. If you want to recreate this look ask your colorist to transition from a red violet base to a bright hue on the lover part f the head to achieve a beautiful ombre design. With such perfect hair color you don’t need any sophisticated styling.     Red Violet to Deep Red