Light Purple Hair Color for 2017

Light purple hair color is as lovely as other tones of purple. Light purple shade is pretty bright and vibrant. It is an excellent option for ladies who want to give extra pop to their locks. This shade is great to keep up with fashion. Light purple is distinctive because it not only gives your locks sparks but makes them look elegant and classy. There are various techniques that can be used to apply the color but take into consideration your hair type and length too. Here are some light purple hair colors for 2017 that show how you can pull off this hue.Light Purple Hair Color for 2017Partial Purple Highlights

Light purple is definitely a stunning shade but you don’t have to use it as all over color to look adorable. Add some delicate highlights on the tips of blonde hair to give your locks a charming and classy appearance. Partial hair highlights are totally in the center of attention but these medium-length locks also have a lovely wavy texture.Partial Purple HighlightsPink and Light Purple

Pastel hues are super feminine and they always guarantee a magnificent hairstyle if you know how to use them. This particular design is all about combining a pink hue with royal purple to create a distinct hair that makes the texture look sumptuous. However you will still want to give your hair a nice crop before coloring and finish the style by sweeping it back in gorgeous layers.Pink and Light PurpleBlonde Purple Balayage

This look is a product of balayage technique. The contrast between the shades is more than vivid. The light purple hue has been applied to the tips creating a modern ombre-like design. The blonde base works well with purple providing a trendy hairstyle. This look is easy to achieve if you have blonde hair otherwise you have to bleach your locks.Blonde Purple BalayageLight Pastel Hair Colors

Here is a style for women who have always been looking for a fairytale hairdo. This style will definitely set you apart from the others. It is a beautiful headdress that requires bleaching or tinting your locks to give them some cute light pink and purple shades that are spread all over head. You can even accessorize your mermaid hair with some headpieces.Light Pastel Hair ColorsLavender Hair Color

You can personalize light purple hue making it appear super natural. You just need to find a good hair colorist who will paint your locks as good as these ones. The brightness of the shade and the way it blends in is just fantastic. The dazzling lavender hue makes hair look very stylish and healthy.   Lavender Hair Color