Black Ombre Hair Colors for 2017

Black has always been a solid and classy hue. It can be flattering for everyone. But sometimes this color may seem pretty boring and plain. In such cases ombres and highlights come in handy. Black makes an excellent canvas for various shades. 2017 black ombre hair colors are all about vibrant and solid hues. Black ombre is great for females who are not ready for full commitment. Long hair is totally plus for black ombre since this color technique requires some length to do a fade particularly black dip dyes although short hair owners also can rock this trend.Black Ombre Hair Colors for 2017Black to Brown Ombre

Ombre for black hair can have a sophisticated and chic look. This ombre hair color is great if you want to lighten up your natural hair without going bold. In this particular style dark brown hair has been spiced up with brown highlights to create an ombre effect. It is a low-maintenance color that looks good on medium-length haircut. Bangs are added to frame the face and create a cute headdress. black to brown ombreBlack to Grey Ombre

Well, going full grey is really a big commitment. Lessen the impact of bleaching while creating a lovely and statement style. These grey tips enhance the entire look of black hair. It is an excellent style for brunettes who want something interesting and less damaging. Style your locks in sumptuous waves to bring out the color.  black to grey ombre for 2017Black to Red Ombre

The sheen of these locks is just incredible. Red tips give an extra pop to the strands providing a trendy look. The bright and light shade of red can be your new ombre look. Start with black base that transition into red towards the tips. The final result will be a stunning ombre design that will set you apart from the others. However you will still want to bleach your locks to apply the red to red ombre for 2017Blonde Ombre on Dark Hair

Ashy hues are so in trend right now. This hue looks good on cool-toned skin, so if you have appropriate complexion don’t hesitate to go for it. To achieve this look ask your colorist to start a bit higher than traditional ombre patterns. If you have warm skin tone, ask for natural tones. Blonde and black ombres are the most requested at hair salons.Blonde Ombre on Dark HairSmoky Dark Ombre

Grey hair trend has gone viral on Instagram. Perhaps every beauty blogger has already experimented with this shade, now it’s your turn! This universally flattering hair color may appear damaging to dark hair as you need to go for bleaching sessions. If you want to achieve a smoky hue without bleaching, opt for dark hair ombre with charcoal tips.Smoky Dark Ombre