Lovely Pastel Hair Color for 2017

Pastel hair colors allow you to change up your monotone and boring look into something fun. You can match your hair color to the season, or your favorite thing- candies, plants clothes and etc. There are tones of ideas for pastel hair colors for 2017 and I have included some of them in our list. You have a chance to personalize your pastel hair color according to your taste. If you are seeking for a low-maintenance look try to keep your natural hair color and get some complementing pastel highlights. Go on reading to see some cool ideas.Lovely Pastel Hair Color for 2017Frozen Pastel Hair Color

Blonde makes an excellent canvas for various hair colors particularly pastels. These long locks have blue and purple streaks that look great on white blonde hair. Match this hair color with your outfit to create an eye-catching and striking look. Don’t forget to give your stands some incredible waves to finish the look. A hairstyle like this will definitely set you apart from the others.Frozen Pastel Hair ColorIcy Blue Hair Color

Now it is the highest moment to channel your inner mermaid. A blue hair color is the best way to do that. Blue is associated with sea, ocean, sky and every beautiful thing in the world. A color like this will bring you tranquility and calmness while making you stand out in the crowd. Pastel blue hair color looks good on everyone, regardless of natural texture, hair length and skin tone.Icy Blue Hair ColorFaded Lavender Hair

Lavender is a color of femininity and fragility. Anyone wearing this color will make her look ultra-feminine and subtle. However there are still various shades of lavender that you can choose from. If you want to keep that natural appeal of your hair color, maintain the dark roots. Lavender is an effortless color for blondes but brunettes will want to take some bleaching sessions to achieve a hair color like this.Faded Lavender HairPastel Yellow Hair

Pastel yellow is the easiest way to show that you are unique. Whether you decide to go for a bright or muted yellow shade, you will definitely make a statement. A bright yellow hair color can be the best choice for spring and summer months. This hue will bring smile to everyone’s face who notices you.Pastel Yellow HairPastel Purples

Pastel purples can be another choice for ladies who are looking for unnatural hues. Purples are the most requested hair colors at popular hair salons. However purple hair colors look better with a right haircut and hairstyle. Create a lovely half ponytail to show off your beautiful color combo.Pastel Purples