Katy Perry’s Best Hair Color Moments

Katy Perry has always impressed us with her catchy tones and her tendencies of rocking pastel or rainbow – bright hair colors. She has personalized every shade by making it look totally natural. Whether you believe or not but Katy Perry’s mane has been colored in all shades of rainbow. However she looks gorgeous in solid hues too- everyone loves to see her with raven black hair color that compliments her skin complexion. Her ever-changing hair is a matter of discussion for many bloggers. Today we will focus on Katy Perry’s best hair color moments that will always remain in our memories.Katy Perry’s Best Hair Color MomentsBrunette Hair

Being a hot brunette is the first degree of Katy Perry. She looks so sexy with her black long locks and brow-gazing bangs. This deep brunette shade flatters her skin tone while bringing out the beauty of her eye color and face features. Effortless styling and a hot red lipstick makes her look fuller. Katy Perry simply rocks this solid brunette hue by inspiring others to go natural.Brunette HairGreen Bob

No one will ever forget Katy Perry’s tousled green bob with black roots. The color has been perfectly matched with her eye hue. She has totally personalized this color by making a bold statement. Black roots paired with green streaks create an ombre-like design that is simply irresistible. Adopt this option by keeping the roots natural, as it reduces maintenance.Green BobRich Violet Hue

Her bombshell waves in a rich violet hue will make anyone go for an unnatural hair color such as deep violet. Like in previous option, in this case also Katy Perry preferred to keep the roots natural for a more appealing look. A color like this will allow you to channel your inner Barbie doll. Finish the look with structural waves to make your appearance even more posh and elegant.Rich Violet HueBlue-Violet Hair

Probably Katy Perry’s fans were not expecting to see her with blue-violet coif but she appeared with a bold hair hue at the Kid’s Choice Awards by making people one more time discuss her hair. No one will ever guess whether she opted for a wig or she really colored her mane with blue-violet tints. High ponytail came in handy to display the beauty of the colors.Blue-Violet HairRose Gold Hair

Here Katy Parry lightened up her locks with a sherbet-hued bob. This lovely hue softens her face features while adding sparkles to her bob haircut. Even with grown out roots this bob will still look pretty. When it comes to styling, you can simply straighten up your strands and you are ready to go.Rose Gold Hair