Red Ombre Hair Colors for 2017

Females who decide to go for red ombre looks either seek for attention or want to add some cool vibes to their daily hairstyle. Red ombre patterns can be pretty impressive, vivid and somehow bold. There are red ombre designs suitable for all complexions, so you will definitely find something to match your skin tone. The colorists recommend choosing a tone depending on your hair color and preferences. If you want to know more, just go on reading and find the most appealing red ombre hair colors for 2017.

Red Ombre Hair Colors for 2017Blunt Red Bob

Choppy blunt haircuts are so in trend! Any hair color will look better with a wispy bob haircut. This particular style is the best proof of my words. The astonishing color comes from a burgundy that melts into a honey and caramel blonde towards the tips. It is a sophisticated and chic hair color that is totally worth your effort, time and money. This color will give an extra pop to your strands.Blunt Red Bob for 2017Brown to Red Ombre

Want a look that will not be a high-maintenance? Consider this option! It requires transitioning from dark brown roots to light red and orangey hues towards the ends. The dark roots reduce maintenance while creating a juicy hair color. Ask you colorist for color treatments to keep your red fresh, stylish and bright.  Brown to Red Ombre for 2017Red Blonde Ombre

If you are looking for a dramatic ombre that fades into a color like honey blonde or platinum blonde, you will definitely love this idea. The faded shades work really well creating a posh look. White streaks are meant to add some movement to the style. Give your locks some beach waves to accentuate your modern ombre pattern.Red Blonde Ombre for 2017Red Sombre

Nowadays ombre hair colors are really trending and popular. This is the most beautiful example of ombre hair that is great for any season of the year.  However this headdress is more sombre rather than ombre as the contrast is not so vivid. When you choose the hues from the same color family the result happens to be a chic hair color like this. Bob helps to demonstrate the ombre color in the best way.Red Sombre for 2017Classic Black to Red Ombre

If you appreciate classic and elegant hair colors, then this ombre hair color is definitely for you. It is a low-maintenance ombre that comes from black hue at the base and dark red shade at the tips. However it is crucial to use a right technique to apply the color.     Classic Black to Red Ombre for 2017