Cool Ecaille Hair Color Ideas

A hair color looks cool when applied through a right technique. Today we are going to talk about a modern ecaille technique that provides a natural looking appearance. Some females confuse ecaille with balayage but actually there is difference between these two techniques. Compared with balayage ecaille requires using several tones to create a beautiful effect on the hair. The main goal is to create a natural movement of the hair to accentuate it. Ecaille uses freehand painting technique to apply the color. Here I have listed some cool ecaille hair colors to inspire you.Cool Ecaille Hair Color IdeasSubtle Ecaille Hair Color

Ecaille offers warm colors to compliment your skin tone and bring out the best of your features. It is a fantastic hue both for brunettes and blondes. Brunettes are supposed to go for lighter hues while blondes can deepen their base hair color for a perfect effect. This ecaille product is low-maintenance and can be adopted by ladies who don’t like to visit hair salons frequently.Subtle Ecaille Hair ColorCaramel Ecaille Hair Color

Celebrates are also in love with this freehand painting technique. Many Hollywood starlets offer different kinds of ecaille looks that are both delicious and stylish. Here Jessica Alba rocks brown to caramel ecaille hair color that compliments her face features while brightening up her entire look. It is a classic and modern ecaille hair color that can be pulled off in any season of the year.Caramel Ecaille Hair Color for 2017Black Ecaille Hair Color

What about this ecaille design? Silver and cool tones give an extra charm to the style. Apart from a fresh ecaille hair color, these locks also have a lovely crop that makes the wearer stand out. The accentuated short bangs have been paired with bob haircut to provide a different look. Both the cut and the color work really well together to create a unique headdress.Black Ecaille Hair ColorBronze Ecaille

This particular style is great for brunettes who want to achieve that sun-kissed effect on their hair. Undoubtedly the color is incredible and it comes from blending tones of melting bronze. They make the brown locks shine. However before adopting this particular style make sure that it works on your complexion. Feel free to consult with your colorist.Bronze EcailleGlow Ecaille

The options are really versatile, so you should consider before making your choice. Ecaille will add some movement to your short strands. It is the best technique to revamp your lifeless locks. With ecaille hair color you will never go wrong.Glow Ecaille