Modern Ombre Hair Colors for 2017

Although ombre is here for a couple of seasons, it is still in mainstream. Ombre gives a unique opportunity to express yourself and bring out the best of your features. Most women prefer an ombre because it is stunning, low-maintenance and can hide some hair imperfections. With a professionally done ombre you can add visual thickness to your locks while making them appear more dimensional. Ombres can look either bold or subtle- the choice is up to you. Today’s ombres tend to look more elegant and natural but you can still combine your favorite tones to achieve the best ombre look. We have decided to represent some modern ombre hair colors for 2017 that are simply irresistible.Modern Ombre Hair Colors for 2017Red Ombre

When red and black shades are not paired correctly you may look too unnatural, consequently the choice of right tones is extremely important. This particular ombre dye job requires gradually fading dark hair into a lighter vibrant shade. If you decide to keep the roots dark, you will not have to worry about grown out roots. You may take this picture as the best example of red ombre.Red OmbreChocolate Ombre

If you just want to lighten up your tips without going for something extreme, consider this option. Instead of bleaching your tips use hair dye to create an ombre like design. Plus hair dye is safer than bleaching. Well, the color is not going to be super bright but it will create a vivid contrast with your darker strands. Give your locks some incredible waves to show off your ombre.Chocolate OmbreTwo-Tone Ombre

Two tone hair colors are totally in mainstream because women find them more appealing. When it comes to two-tone hair colors, you have a wide list of choices. You can pick up tones from the same color family or opt for unnatural hair colors. In this particular design the stylist used a warm copper shade with a cool toned chocolate to create contrast. The hues complement each other creating a lovely headdress.Two-Tone OmbreDark to Light Ombre

These hand painted locks are just stunning due to an ombre pattern that requires transitioning from dark to light brown to give them a fantastic appearance. Well, this ombre is great for ladies who want to know how it feels like to have lighter locks. Nevertheless, you will also need to find a good hair colorist who will be skillful enough to create a style like this.Dark to Light OmbreChampagne Ombre

This is the softer version of traditional ombre. It melts into lighter tone at the bottom for the overall silky color that blends better with your base. The darker locks reduce maintenance while making the design even more feminine and appealing.Champagne Ombre with highlights