Dark Purple Hair Colors

Dark purple hair colors are bold, edgy and unique. There is a group of females who have always dreamt of pulling off purple hair colors but they feared to commit. Dark purple shade doesn’t grab as much attention as pastel purples, so they can be a good start. Stunning dark hues of purple flatter almost all skin tones and look great when achieved through balayage technique. There are really numerous ways to experiment with dark purple hues. You can pair them with other natural and unnatural hair colors for a better effect. Check out our gallery to get inspiration from.Dark Purple Hair ColorsDark Purple and Violet

This gorgeous style comes from panting dark purple shade as the dominant color and then enhancing the look with violet tones for a really unique style. Since the color is already pretty chic and sophisticated, you don’t have to put extra effort to achieve an amazing look. Just sweep your strands back and create an effortless half up half down style to finish the style.Dark Purple and VioletBrown and Purple Hair Color

To create this lovely look you will need to give your locks a color that requires transitioning from the natural brown base to a blend of dark purple and brown to create an amazing ombre pattern. However you should use a right technique to achieve a style like this. Ask your colorist for the tones that flatter your skin complexion.Brown and Purple Hair ColorDark Purple Hair Color

Your purple hair color can really get darker. In this particular design the shades of dark purple have been hand painted to create a straightforward hairstyle. The textured locks and a tone throughout the head make the color look pretty natural. Those who have always feared to go for brighter tones should consider this lovely style. This styling helps to enhance the appearance of the locks.Dark Purple Hair ColorViolet Purple Hair Color

This chic haircut is for females who prefer to pull off shot crops to keep thing neat and stylish.  However it is still the color that makes this headdress stand out. With a color like this you can take your look to a top notch. This vibrant shade comes from blending violet and purple hues throughout the hair using balayage technique. If you love it don’t hesitate to get it.Violet Purple Hair ColorVibrant and Purple Ombre

Choosing a right hair color is really crucial. It is as important as the technique you colorist is going to use to apply the shades. This headdress shows how you can use the dark purple shade to create a sparkling look. The colors have been hand painted to achieve a sombre pattern. Try to keep styling as simple as you can because the hair color already provides a chic look.Vibrant and Purple Ombre