Chunky Hair Highlights for 2017

Chunky hair highlights are getting evolved day by day. They can vary from high contrasting highlights to subtle babylights. Thin highlights are great option when you want to compliment your delicate face features. However chunky highlights flatter the faces with big eyes and lips. Women with small face features should avoid theses highlights. Chunky highlights can be created with the help of different colors and shades. Most of them are about creating some contrast. Here are some stunning chunky hair highlights for 2017 that may serve a good source of inspiration.Chunky Hair Highlights for 2017Auburn and Blonde Chunky Highlights

Well, these highlights are super bright and will definitely make you pop up. As you can see the auburn streaks have been placed throughout blonde hair to create a contrasting look. Most of females find this combination pretty attractive while others avoid it because of its bold and fierce appeal. However these highlights will define your inner world.Auburn and Blonde Chunky HighlightsBlonde and Brown Streaks

If you can’t commit between brown and blonde shades then add subtle streaks of both tones to create an effect of chunky hair highlights. In this chunky highlighted hairstyle every streak has its own place and importance. Note that the streaks have been added in a way to avoid too much contrast. This is an excellent option for ladies who are not ready to go bold.Blonde and Brown StreaksBrown Hair with Chunky Ash Blonde Highlights

Perhaps this is the most popular way of pulling off chunky hair highlights. A hair colorist used brown and blonde hues to create a lovely headdress. If you want to bring out your beautiful features, ask your colorist to place some thin blonde highlights around your face to achieve a stunning face framing design. This option looks good on women with different complexions.Brown Hair with Chunky Ash Blonde HighlightsChunky Highlights with Curls

There are really various ideas of experimenting with chunky highlights. This particular one is a modern take on chunky hair highlights. It looks pretty stylish and modern. Some of you may think that chunky hair highlights are not trendy any more but this example will definitely prove that you can still wear them. These blonde and brown chunky highlights are great both for straight and curly hair.Chunky Highlights with CurlsAsh Chunky Highlights

Platinum blonde is the most popular hair color among celebrities, beauty bloggers and ordinary females. Everyone loves bleached locks! However there are still numerous ways to experiment with this light hair color. Try to pair platinum blonde with dark tones to create modern chunky highlights. The final design will be a gorgeous headdress that will help you express yourself in a unique way.Ash Chunky Highlights