Blue Ombre Hair Colors for 2017

Ombre hair colors have been around us for many years but the latest versions of this delightful pattern has started to use even more daring colors. Now ladies have a unique chance to channel their inner mermaids and fairies by sporting extravagant ombre hair colors. To help you realize your desires we have listed some blue ombre hair colors for 2017 that are bold yet ultra-feminine. However to get a perfect result you need a good colorist/stylist and a shade of blue that you like.Blue Ombre Hair Colors for 2017Black to Turquoise Ombre

If you have a short haircut you can still bring out your inner mermaid with the help of a right hair color. Here is a gorgeous ombre pattern that comes from transitioning dark black to dark turquoise towards the tips. The remarkable thing about this style is how it features two distinct shades. Note that the ombre looks good on cropped locks too. However, it will be better to trust its realization to a professional.  Black to Turquoise OmbrePastel Blue Ombre

Brunettes try to avoid wearing this trend since it requires lightening up the locks before applying this bright shade. But the things have really changed up after oil-slick technique that requires blending brown and blue hues to create shiny colors. Now dark-haired ladies can try out this trend without harsh bleaching. The darker roots reduce maintenance while making the ombre stand out.Pastel Blue OmbreRaven Black to Turquoise Ombre

Here is another cool ombre pattern that features wavy bob haircut. The stunning turquoise shade has been used to complement the raven black roots. Moreover these hues work really well together. The best thing about raven black to turquoise ombre is that it looks good on everyone regardless of natural texture, skin complexion or hair length. If you love this style, just pull it off and make a fashion statement.Raven Black to Turquoise OmbreDark to Light Blue Ombre

Well, traditional ombre patterns have natural dark roots, but now you can change up the things by rocking your ombre without natural roots. Here is an excellent ombre pattern that requires transitioning from a deep navy blue base to a light pastel blue hue at the tips. The strands fall gently down reminding of a waterfall. Though this look is high-maintenance, everyone can wear it.Dark to Light Blue OmbreBlack to Indigo Blue Ombre

Here is a superb style to make you stand out in the crowd. If you have never thought of achieving a bright blue ombre on the black base, then it is the best moment to consider this idea. The locks look pretty vibrant and healthy. As blue is an unnatural hair color, it requires lots of care. Make sure to ask you colorist for color treatments.Black to Indigo Blue Ombre