Sensational Blue-Purple Hair Colors for 2017

There are so many ways to pull off blue-purple hair colors- from ombres to highlights there is a style to match every girl. Purple and blue hues complement each other while creating a lovely headdress. If two tones are not enough for you, add some other hues for a really unique look. If you have ever been dreaming about purple and blue hair colors here are some sensational bluepurple hair colors for 2017 that will encourage you to dye your locks in this sophisticated hair color.Sensational Blue-Purple Hair Colors for 2017Blue Purple Color Melt

This look is all about pretty purple and blue shades that have been perfectly melt into each other to create a harmonious hairstyle. Pale blue with the mixture of lavender and cornflower blue cover most of the locks. This multidimensional look can be achieved with the help of highlights that complement each other. Braided hair gives a mermaid feel to this style.Blue Purple Color MeltBlue Purple Dip Dye

This lovely ombre pattern comes from a light ash brown color followed by turquoise and cobalt blue. The final shade is a blend of purple tones. It is a bold and fierce design that uses unnatural tones to create a lovely headdress. However those who decide to opt for this style should be ready for regular touchups. Sulfate-free shampoos and conditioners are must!Blue Purple Dip DyeBlue Purple Ombre

Never fear to be different- wear your hair the way that expresses your individuality. Here is another idea of experimenting with these two tones. The color starts with a purple base and finishes in blue at the tips. This is probably the most popular way of wearing these two tones. The styling entails giving your locks some beach waves for a sophisticated and chic look.Blue Purple OmbreDip Dye Effects

Dip dye effects are super trendy particularly when you are brave enough to wear edgy hair colors like these. Here you can see a cute headdress that comes from honey butter blonde which melts into indigo blue and purple. This look is all about contrasts so it will definitely make you stand out in the crowd. You can finish the style with loose curls to keep the attention on bright hues.Dip Dye EffectsPurple Blue Hair

Purple blue highlights are the best way to achieve a unique style. It is not an easy task to have a perfect purple-blue hair particularly when you are a brunette, but with the help of professional hair colorist you can achieve your desired effect. Before applying these shades, you will want to go for pre-lightening sessions. Since the look is high-maintenance, feel free to ask your colorist for color treatments.Purple Blue Hair