Ash Blonde Ombre Hair Colors for 2017

Ash blonde ombres are not new but they are making the locks look luscious and chic. Ash blonde ombre hair colors for 2017 have always grabbed lots of attention. The muted hues make women color their strands nearly grey. Day by day the stylists all over the world popularize this trend while making it even more desirable. Some women are still obsessed with bright ombre looks others prefer natural hair colors moreover it is always good to have a wide list of colors to choose from. Well, these pictures will definitely help you understand how chic and sophisticated can look ash ombre on one’s hair.   Ash Blonde Ombre Hair Colors for 2017Ash Blonde Ombre

Here is a long hairstyle with an edgy vibe. This is one of the best ways to highlight the lighter streaks of grey towards the tips. Note that the color starts with very dark brown hue- this look also requires bleaching for the better effect. Apart from the color, long locks have amazing waves that help make the look fuller.Ash Blonde OmbreAsh Blonde with Dark Roots

There was a period of time when women from all over the western world were panicking for grown out roots. Now everything has changed as hair colors with popped up roots are super trendy. However, those darker roots don’t look like grown out hair because the transition from dark base to light streaks is seamless. We love both the dark roots and light streaks.Ash Blonde with Dark RootsBaby Ash Blonde Ombre

If you have always dreamt of recreating the looks of those baby dolls from the movies, you should consider this style. The color comes from a soft blonde ombre that takes the whole look to a top notch. The best thing about this headdress is that it still looks natural as if the tips had gone lighter from many hours staying under the sun.Baby Ash Blonde OmbreBlack to Grey Ombre

Another way you can rock ombre hair without having a whimsical look is to go for a super smooth fade to subtle grey tips. The key to this natural looking ombre is choosing a darker shade of silver that creates a seamless color combination. Apart from the color, this medium-length haircut is also amazing. It looks ridiculously gorgeous when styled in waves.Black to Grey OmbreAsh Blonde Hair with Light Tones

These tones look amazing during any season of the year. You can re-create this look whenever you want. Ash blonde tones make this ombre pattern even more appealing. It is a multidimensional look that requires a tight color combination. Keep the roots dark to reduce maintenance.Ash Blonde Hair with Light Tones