Best Hair Colors for Brunettes

Natural hair colors such as brown and black are kicked up a notch. Extreme hair colors definitely make you stand out in the crowd but brown hues provide a chic and ultra feminine look.  The ways of enhancing brunette strands are really versatile-ombre, balayage, sombre and etc. Apart from being low-maintenance, brown hues are also great for most of complexions and eye colors. Whether you prefer a bit lighter or darker brown hair color, here you may find a good option for your next hair color makeover. Best Hair Colors for BrunettesSandy Brown Hair Color

This sandy brown hair color flatters Emma Watson’s faux bob haircut and softens her face features. The colorist has applied two to three tones lighter color than her natural hair hue. The highlights have been added to create a multi-dimensional look. The color is applied in a way, that as it grows out she doesn’t need to call her colorist. However those with layered cuts should avoid going too light.Sandy Brown Hair ColorCaramel Brown Hair Color

Caramel is the best shade for brunettes to update their look. These golden highlights flatter the model’s complexion because her base is brown. The lightest sections have been placed towards the tips for some movement. Consider adding some highlights around your face to create a stunning face framing design. The layered haircut will definitely enhance the color.Caramel Brown Hair ColorHoney Brown Hair Color

Honey brown hair color is an excellent option to warm up your complexion and bring out your features. In order to adopt this look ask you colorist for gold and honey highlights blended over a natural brown hair color. This hair color will definitely provide you a sun-kissed effect and revamp your natural hair color. It is look that doesn’t require any care.  Honey Brown Hair ColorGolden Brown Hair Color

Golden brown hair color will soften your face complexion and make your eyes pop up. Here the honey highlights are blended to make the locks look barely sun-kissed. However while re-creating this look, take into consideration your skin tone. This particular hair color looks absolutely gorgeous on women with olive or pale skin.Golden Brown Hair ColorChestnut Brown Hair Color

Chestnut is one of the richest shades of brown that flatters almost all skin tone and eye color. Stunning Victoria Beckham is wearing a chestnut brown hair color that warms up her complexion. The color comes from dark brown base and caramel and light auburn highlights. Red highlights will add extra dimension to your locks. Note that face framing highlights enhance the look.

Chestnut Brown Hair Color