Kylie Jenner Hair Color Ideas

Kylie Jenner is a fashion influencer that has already had her own footprints in the fashion industry. At this young age Kylie manages to produce her own lipstick line that has gained popularity all over the world. Apart from this, she is also known for rocking every shade of rainbow. Once she explained that she tries to experiment with various shades in other to figure out who she is or who she wants to be. Well, she is a huge fan of wigs that come in handy whenever she wants to try something crazy. Kylie claims that constantly changing up hair color boosts her confidence.Kylie Jenner Hair Color IdeasBlack Hair Color with Light Tips

Kylie Jenner looks so girly with her below-the-shoulder chop spiced up with blonde tips. It is an excellent hair color for a young girl who just started to color her strands. The color combination brings out the beauty of her eyes and compliments her skin complexion.Black Hair Color with Light TipsRaven Black Lob

We love to see Kylie with natural hair colors and this raven black hue is not an exception too. The lob haircut works really well with the black shade.  Kylie proves that it is not necessary to opt for highlights or jewel-toned hair colors to look amazing even with a solid hue you can still stand out.Raven Black LobBlonde with Dark Roots

It was crazy to see Kylie Jenner with blonde hair color on her 18th birthday. Everyone was surprised by her new hair color makeover. However the stylists kept the roots dark while the rest of strands were colored in platinum blonde. No one will know for sure whether it was a wig or a true hair color.Black Hair with Honey Highlights

These loose waves with slight honey highlights are a classic choice of Kardashian sisters. This look is super effortless and requires placing some honey highlights throughout the black hair. The shades don’t create any contrast but they help to spice up monotone black locks.Black Hair with Honey HighlightsMint Green Hair

Kylie Jenner has pulled off this pale-green wig on many occasions. She has paired her ultra bright hair with monochrome and muted outfit. Probably many ladies would like to have a hair color like this but it is a high-maintenance and may cause damage. Note that the color looks great with dark roots.Mint Green HairMermaid Blue Hair

Another day another wig! She has accentuated her mermaid blue hair color with simple make up. The darker roots create a lovely ombre-like design. The strands are styled in carefree and effortless waves.     Mermaid Blue Hair