Stenciling Hair Color Ideas

Last year we have seen a new hair color trend every other week. Instagram frequently has been uploaded with new crazy hair colors- opal hair, oil slick, rainbow bangs and etc. The colorists predict that in 2017 females are going to color their strands even more. Stenciling hair colors are not new already but they are still trendy and stylish. Hairstylists try to combine dye and stencils to create painted artworks. Why women love stencil hair colors so much? Probably this is because stencils allow painting any image right on locks. Well, go on reading to see some creative stencil hair colors.Stenciling Hair Color IdeasLike any other hair trend stencil also has been spotted on Instagram. The creator is stylist and artist Jaine Ker. The queen of stencil hair works at Salon Aguyayu, located in Pasadena California. She uses colored pencils to sketch the design on canvas before transforming it on the hair. It is possible to create literally everything- from colorful polka dots to garden of flowers. The fact that you can have a creative and unique hair color is pretty hair stenciling

hair stenciling

hair stenciling

hair stencilingBlue Hair Color

When you have a creative hair color you should choose something appropriate to it. Take cue from this example. The model is wearing pastel blue hair color that reminds us of clouds. In this case she only needs to introduce some inventive clouds to the strands to make the design even fuller. Due to the stenciling technique you can easily achieve your desired pattern.Blue Hair ColorDouble Buns with Flowers

Flowers are another popular option for stenciling. Paint two big flowers on your locks and opt for double buns to show off your creative hairstyle. While choosing a design for your stencil, consider the color too since it should be matched with your natural hair color. If you can’t commit between dark or light shades consult with your colorist.Double Buns with FlowersPolka Dots on Blonde Hair

When the colors are right combined the result is going to be a head-turner hairstyle like this. The model has blonde strands with dark roots while polka dots come in handy to take this traditional blonde bob to a new level. Polka dots are in light spectrum and work really well with blonde hair color. Short bob makes an excellent canvas for applying the shades.Polka Dots on Blonde HairPixie with Feathers

You should think out of the box to create the most incredible hair designs. The hair length is not important since stenciling technique is great for anyone with different textures and hair lengths. Here the short pixie has been spiced up with colors and interesting patterns. Bright feather designs have been applied to the bangs to make the style even more interesting.Pixie with Feathers