Bright Red Hair Colors for 2017

Red color is associated with sexuality and femininity. Undoubtedly it is a color that draws lots of attention. Like blonde and brunette shades this color is also versatile and comes in various sub-tones.  Bright red hair colors for 2017 can be adopted by women who want to enhance their red hair color with a brighter shade. An attention-grabbing bright red hair color will make you steal the spotlight. With such rich shade you just need to give your strands a modern trim and you are ready to rock.Bright Red Hair Colors for 2017Long Red Hair Color

Redheads can show off their fun side with the help of their color. This particular look is for those with lots of confidence. The bright red shade is used all over the head and spiced up with some orangey highlights to create a delicious look. The long strands are styled in waves to bring out the beauty of the color. It looks exceptionally gorgeous on long hair.Long Red Hair ColorRed with Dark Roots

Here is another flattering look with a bright red hair color. The roots are pretty dark while the rest of strands are in maroon red. The combination of dark and bright creates a sexy look. This option is great for anyone since the colors work well on any skin complexion. However it is not necessary to have ultra long strands to have a color like this since it looks great on bob cut too.Red with Dark RootsBright Red Bob

This particular hairstyle features bright red locks and a trendy bob haircut. A bob cut will allow you to accentuate your bright red strands. When it comes to styling, you may opt for right-in-trend beach waves.  In this case the hair curling iron will come in handy. Finish the look with hairspray for a better look. It is a modern style to opt for.Bright Red BobBright Burgundy Hair Color

This hair color is the hottest trend of 2017 and everyone who wants to make a statement should opt for it. The bright burgundy is an amazing hair color for bright shade lovers. However in this particular design the stylist placed some highlights though the locks for some extra movement and dimension. Then you will need to finish the look with simple waves.Bright Burgundy Hair ColorDark to Light Ombre

If you can’t commit between light or dark red shades opt for both through ombre pattern. The beauty of this style comes from bright bold color without long commitment. It is not a high-maintenance look so everyone can pull it off. The shade looks exceptionally gorgeous on long hair. Some brushed out curls help demonstrate the colors.Dark to Light Ombre