Dark Blonde Hair Colors

Thinking about dying your hair blonde? Well, it is a good idea, but it is crucial to know whether you want to liven up your locks or you are planning to go blonde from brunette. There are plenty of different blonde hair shades to choose from- from the palest platinum to dark blonde. Each shade of blonde may have multiple tones. However today we have selected some dark blonde hair colors to give ideas on how you can experiment with these shades.Dark Blonde Hair ColorsDark Blonde Hair

Usually we can see Gigi Hadid rocking ashy hues but recently she has boosted her hair color with dark blonde roots and light tips. The light tips are meant to create contrast with dark blonde roots. Some face framing highlights also enhance the entire appearance of her hairstyle. It is probably one of the best ways to pull off dark blonde hair color.Dark Blonde HairSmoky Blonde Hair

Cara Delevingne’s ashy blonde hair color will stay in our minds for a while. The shade works really well with her skin complexion and eye color. The base is a bit darker than the tips. The colors have been achieved through sombre pattern. Here the locks are styled in a simple messy ponytail to create an effortless and nonchalant look.Smoky Blonde HairHighlighted Dark Blonde Hair

Gorgeous Halle Berry gives her natural brunette strands some dimension with warm highlights of dark blonde. The shaggy haircut demonstrates the beauty of the color combination. It is an easy style to create if you know how to mix the shades together for a fancy hairstyle. The best part is that it is a low-maintenance look, so everyone can sport it.Highlighted Dark Blonde HairToffee Blonde Hair

This dark blonde is an excellent option for women with dark skin tone. Laverne Cox’s ombre fades from her natural roots to a warm toffee blonde. The dark roots and toffee blonde create a contrasting look that compliments her dark skin complexion. Laverne Cox can be the best source of inspiration for black women who want to go blonde.Toffee Blonde HairChestnut Highlights

Ciara has been spotted with numerous bright blonde shades! But here the chestnut highlights have been added to her blonde locks to bring out her inner brunette while allowing her stay blonde. Bright and dark shades have been combined to create a dark blonde hue. Since it is a natural hair color, you don’t have to go for frequent touchups. When it comes to styling, you can opt for a simple ponytail.