Bright Orange Hair Colors

Well, orange is an unnatural hair color but it is definitely there to make you stand out in the crowd. Orange hues achieved through balayage techniques are simply sparkling. But there are still many other ways to try out this juicy hue. Orange hair color is popular among ladies who love to be different. If you have plans to wear a bright hair color, consider orange shade too. Our gallery is the best source to get inspiration from. Now, go on reading to see ladies with the brightest hair colors ever.Bright Orange Hair ColorsNeon Orange Hair Color

Probably neons are the brightest among all those crazy hues. A girl with a neon hair color will immediately be noticed. To get a shade like this you will need to lift your strands to the brightest level of blonde and then apply the color. It goes without saying that it is a high-maintenance look and requires regular touch ups. But the final look is worth your time and money.Neon Orange Hair ColorCoral Hair Color

This coral hair color is totally in orange spectrum. The pastel hue has been spiced up with orange highlights to make the entire look even more delicious. However the roots are kept dark to reduce maintenance plus the latest trends are all about looks that use dark roots and light tips. Now you don’t have to worry about popped up roots.Coral Hair ColorColor Splash

It is not necessary to go all over color change when you can pair it with your natural hair color to create a rebellious look. In this particular style the splash of orange takes the whole look to a top notch. The contrast created by the colors is the first thing that grabs attention. Even with these short strands the color looks pretty modern and trendy. For a simple styling the locks are swept to the side in a carefree design.Color SplashOrange Hair Color on Afro Mane

Orange hair color looks absolutely stunning on afro mane. In this particular picture you can see that the model pulled off orange hues as an all over color. The locks are left natural to demonstrate the beauty of the color. If you have bleached or lightened hair you can easily achieve this look at home since you just need to run the color throughout your head. Accentuated eyes work really well with this style.Orange Hair Color on Afro ManeBright Orange

This headdress is full of texture and depth. The locks are curled and swept to the side for a wild yet feminine touch. However it is still the orange hue that makes this design stand out. If you try to match this hair color with orange lipstick you will create a totally bright look.Bright Orange