Hair Color for Your Skin Tone

Having a right hair color is crucial since it can either destroy or enhance your entire appearance. For this reason you should figure out the hues that look good on you. Before that, try to find out your exact skin tone. It can be done in several ways but the quickest method to figure it out is to look at the veins of your hand and wrist. Those with purple and blue hues on veins most likely have cool undertones. Women with greenish veins have warm undertones. Neutral skin undertone owners are lucky because any shade looks good on them. However go on reading to find the most flattering hair colors for your skin tone.Hair Color for Your Skin ToneWarm Skin Tone

If you have found out that your skin tone is warm, try to pick a shade in a cool tone to compliment it. But in case if you have decided to opt for a darker hair color for your warm-toned skin, try to wear dark shade of red such as auburn or amber. Well, you can also experiment with numerous highlights. However it is preferable to choose cooler tones for your color for warm skin tone

soft amber for warm skin toneDark Skin with Warm Undertones

Dark-skinned women with warm undertones should try out a hair hue that is either darker or lighter than the wearer’s skin tone. If you are looking for extra dimension and depth, you should definitely consider hair highlights. However, highlights are for everyone regardless of natural texture and skin complexion, you just need to find the right shade.Dark Skin with Warm UndertonesCool Skin Tones

With cool skin tones you just need to do right the opposite and pick a hair color that is warm and rich. It will help you avoid having an artificial look. Hence the best colors are chocolate, honey and warm browns. In this case it doesn’t really important whether you have a dark or pale skin tone since with a well-balanced hair color you can never go skin toneIf you have a cool skin tone you should stay far from champagne or silvery hues and try something else such as golden blonde to flatter your skin tone and make your eyes pop up. However the things are a lot easier with dark hues since most of them are natural and flatter almost all skin tones. Chocolate hues are always there to enhance your look and bring out the beauty of your skin color for cool skin toneWith cool skin tone you can still experiment with bold hair colors even if these shades look better on warm complexion. You just need to keep in your mind some important aspects such as you should avoid of silvery pastels since they create a washed out look.bold hair color for cool skin tone