2017 Hottest Hair Colors by Celebrities

Well, celebrities are the best source of inspiration when you are looking for cool hair colors and hairstyles. Their frequent makeover changes inspire the ladies to update their look. A new shade will not only bring a new life to your locks but also brighten up your complexion. Among those rainbow and pastel shades solid hues are still popular and celebrities never give up trying these natural shades. According to the Hollywood colorists, vibrant and monotone shades will still be trending in the upcoming seasons. So, here I have selected celebrities’ hair colors for 2017.2017 Hottest Hair Colors by CelebritiesNatural Brown Hair

Popular top model Bella Hadid rocks an ebony brown hair color. This shade flatters medium to light skin complexion. However the contrast between pale skin and dark brown shade is still sparkling. But in case if you have a relatively darker skin tone, go for a rich brown gloss. The best way to achieve a hair color like this is to bring pictures. So take this picture with you!Natural Brown HairRuby Red Hair Color

Redheads are totally in the center of our attention. Here actress Lily Collins wears a ruby red shade that brightens up her overall look. It is a jewel tone that requires lightings so it is a lot easier to get for females with lighter hair while dark-haired ladies should go through bleaching. However the final result really worth your effort, time and money.Ruby Red Hair ColorPlatinum Lob Hair Color

If you have thought that platinum blonde may ever leave the hair industry then it is the best moment to show you that more and more celebrities decide to experiment with this hue. But solid platinum may look a little bit boring so you can combine it with the hues of lavender, gray and pale blue just like Coco Rocha. Well, this tone works really well on natural light brown to lighter blonde hair. The color flatters skin tones with pink undertones and provides a look that is high-maintenance.Platinum Lob Hair ColorCaramel Hair Color

Caramel hair color makes a perfect base for various shades. You can combine this hue with any other hair color to achieve something striking. The caramel hue looks exceptionally gorgeous when achieved through ombre. Olivia Wilde demonstrates a perfect example of ombre that requires transitioning from light to dark shade. You just need add some well-placed highlights to make your look fuller.Caramel Hair ColorBronze Hair Color

This hair color comes from a striking blend of gold and red undertones which can work both for brunettes and blondes. Highlights of bronze will help you achieve a look that is super stylish yet low-maintenance. Well, this hair color works for women with warmer skin tones and it will enhance your complexion.Bronze Hair Color