Eye-Catching Yellow Hair Colors

Yellow hair colors are great for everyone who wants something out of the norm. Instead of going for traditional blonde and brown hair colors, you may pull off something different- yellow hair color. This shade provides a design that will be hardly seen on anyone else. With this lovely hue you just need to give your strands a good chop and then use a trendy coloring technique such as balayage to create a top notch hairstyle. So, if you are looking to update your appearance with a bright color below we have included the best ways to do that.Eye-Catching Yellow Hair ColorsYellow Hair with Dark Roots

When thinking about yellow shade, the first thing that comes into our mind is its brightness. In this design the yellow locks have been combined with darker roots to spice up the look. However, apart from creating an ombre effect, darker roots are meant to break its brightness. Well, this hair color will help you to bring out your fun side. Yellow Hair with Dark RootsWhite Blonde Ombre

Well, yellow is not an easy color to achieve, if you don’t have an ultra-light hair. Here the strands have been bleached to platinum blonde and only after that it was possible to apply yellow hair color. The result appeared to be a fantastic ombre pattern. However if you have already had light hair you don’t need to go for bleaching.White Blonde OmbreYellow and Pink Hair

A bob haircut will look stunning on any woman that can replicate it. The innovative styling with a deep side part and side sweep enhance the entire look but it is still the perfect color that makes the bob stand out. The combination of pink and yellow is ideal for this haircut as it is not only brightens the design but also gives it some class.Bright Yellow and Pink HairBright Yellow Hair Color

You can achieve this shade at home, if you have light strands. Bright yellow is a standard color and as soon as you figure out the combination you can use the dye to give your hair this amazing tone as it doesn’t have any complicated design and you just need to spread it throughout the head. With a color like this you will definitely steal the spotlight.Bright Yellow Hair ColorLight Brown to Yellow

Who said yellow should always be bright and outstanding? You can still pull off a subtle shade like this and look magnificent. To opt for this look you should transition for a light brown base color to a subtle yellow hue on the lower section of the hair and finish by giving the strands some luscious curls. It is a sparkling style particularly for ladies with longer hair.Light Brown to Yellow