Top 10 Denim Blue Hair Colors

It was only a matter of time until blue denim hair made its way into this industry and it has been increasing in popularity ever since it arrived. For some of you denim blue hair color trend may seem horrible but you just need to see how perfectly the moody grey and blue tones melt into each other to create a dreamy look. Denim hair looks good on everyone regardless of natural texture and skin complexion. It is not an easy color to get, so first of all make sure you have a professional hair colorist. Denim blue hair looks stylish when textured, so look for examples with highlights and lowlights which provide with lots of texture.Top 10 Denim Blue Hair ColorsDenim Blue with Violet Highlights

It is the craziest denim hair color you will ever see. The hues are perfectly matched to create a top notch hairdo. Well, here the violet highlights spice up the denim locks to add some more dimension and movement. However we should admit that the shot bob haircut and waves also enhance the overall look.Denim Blue with Violet HighlightsDenim Blue Ombre

This example also comes in handy to prove that the blue denim dye job is really chic. The cold dark blue roots melt into metallic tips creating a lovely washed denim hair effect. To finish the look the locks are given effortless waves. It is a headdress for any occasion-from formal to informal.Denim Blue OmbreBlue Jean Balayage Hair

When I mentioned that the denim hair color effect is based on texture I meant exactly this look. It is all about highlights and lowlights that provide with desired texture. These locks are perfectly long and wavy and the texture comes from having the hair colored dark and due to the highlights it is possible to create a balayage effect.Blue Jean Balayage HairDenim and Blonde Ombre

Having a blonde base is plus because you don’t have to bleach your strands before applying your favorite denim blue hair color. The main thing that we love about this style is how the warm blonde contrasts with baby blue. The crown braid is just an adorable sum up.Denim and Blonde OmbreSmoky Blue Color Melt

The feathery hair texture paired with silver tips is the denim hair version of smoky eyes. The roots are totally blue that gives a punk vibe. Undoubtedly this look is amazing but you have to put extra effort to take care of it. Consider using conditioners and shampoos for color treated hair.Smoky Blue Color MeltBlack and Blue Balayage Hair

Black paired with blue creates a flawless look. The blue highlights around the face keep the things bold without forcing to use too much bleach. When you look closer you will also notice a wash of aquamarine through the black. It is an incredible style for dark-haired ladies who are not ready to go for bull bleaching.Black and Blue Balayage HairDenim Blue Lob

This textured look is super classy. It is an elegant example of blue denim hair. Dark midnight blue roots melt into sky blue at the tips as far as denim hair colors go. Well, with dark roots the things are a lot easier. For a simple look, style your strands in carefree waves.Denim Blue LobMultidimensional Denim Hair

This balayage shows that denim colors can work with any other shade to create a multidimensional look. Why you should restrict yourself with silver highlights when you can introduce some other shades. Here all these colors come together to create a unique hairdo.Multidimensional Denim HairSilver Denim Hair

This look is just irresistible due to a right amount of silver highlights. They are kept to the lower half of the head and achieved through balayage technique. The strands are curled to bring out the beauty of the color.Silver Denim HairDenim Blue Hair

Here is another adorable look that perfectly imitates the denim hair trend. The darker roots pop up making the overall style even more interesting. However it is a high maintenance look that requires to be touched up frequently.