Violet Hair Colors for 2017

2017 violet hair colors are for those who have always dreamt of pulling off unnatural hair colors that will turn heads everywhere! This pastel hue is not only bright but also very classy. Violet color comes in a variety of shades to give you some options to choose from and there is still an idea of combining it with other bright or dark colors to create a delicate hairdo. In a word if you are looking for something that will look sexy and trendy then you should try coloring your strands to violet.Violet Hair Colors for 2017Violet Hair Highlights

The flattering blend of violet and blue creates a fantastic hairdo that you can also replicate. This particular shade highlights the long brown tresses that also have a hint of pink. This entire look is a product of hand painting technique. You just need to create a small braid at the back and style the rest of strands in waves to finish your look. Get ready to get lots of compliments for a look like this.Violet Hair HighlightsBright Violet Hair Color

Violet is a gorgeous color but you have to use it right to achieve your desired hairdo. Here is another stunning violet hair color that is a result of a sombre technique. It entails making the roots darker and brightening the shade gradually towards the tips. However, if you have decided to opt for a color like this, perhaps you already know that you will have to maintain it with hair products.Bright Violet Hair ColorDark Violet Blend

Violet can also create a mind-blowing color blend that is a fantastic option for ladies who still prefer to maintain a uniform tone throughout. Here violet has been perfectly melted into the black base color to create a distinct shade. However this color melt makes the long textured locks look stunning. Since the shade is dark enough, you don’t have to worry about the maintenance too much.Dark Violet BlendViolet and Silver Ombre

Here is another hairdo that proves that violet is a perfect hue for a color melt. It is combined with brown on the upper part of this hairdo to create an excellent color transition to a silver hue and achieve a stunning ombre pattern. Since the locks are pretty long the effect of ombre pattern can be perfectly seen. Finish the look with brushed out curls.Violet and Silver OmbreViolet Bob with Blue Streaks

This chin-length bob could have a simple look without modern violet blue hair colors. Violet has been used as all over color, while blue streaks are meant to spice up the overall look. The haircut entails cropping it to a chin length with tucked ends to make it a distinct headdress. If you love to call attention, it is the best style to go with.Violet Bob with Blue Streaks