Rose Gold Hair Colors for 2017

Rose gold hair is one of the most compiling trends of the year. More and more ladies want to color their strands into ravishing rose gold tones. Our first source of inspiration is Instagram. If you scroll your Instagram feed you will see multiple hairstyles in various shades of blended blondes, reds and pinks. Rose gold hair is all about combining blondes and pinks, consequently it is an excellent shade for blondes but if you are a brunette and you want to taste this color, it might require a little bit more work. The best thing about rose gold hair color is that it can be perfectly blended with other colors regardless of skin tone and eye color. Pink is a cooler tone and gold is a warmer tone so when they are combined together they flatter almost all skin tones. Here are the best rose gold hair colors for 2017.Rose Gold Hair Colors for 2017Cool Redhead

A deep bright red is an excellent shade to dye your strands particularly when you love a specific color, but you still don’t want to fake a natural color. The shade will be stunning, while still exuding that sensuality that comes with a deep red. When it comes to styling, the strands are pulled up into double buns adding in some fun to a look. You just need to enjoy it!red hair color Rose Gold Hair Color

It is a modern take on a rose gold hair color trend. The shimmering shade is matched with long, sweet waves. Everything about this style is just flawless. However it is a high-maintenance look that requires using hair products to keep the strands out of fading. Regular touchup will help to fresh up your look.Rose Gold Hair ColorSoft Rose Gold Hair Color

Softness is the most difficult thing to obtain in summer humidity so pulling off this look will bring some freshness and new colors into your life. In this style the strands have been curled to blend with rose gold mixture, still showing the separation between the shades that have been perfectly blended to appear as one color.Soft Rose Gold Hair ColorDark Rose Gold Waves

In this picture you can see a different dark-based hairstyle, that comes from mixing a rose gold hair color with honey blonde and a dim red highlights. This look doesn’t draw as much attention as others on this list while making it especially an ideal idea for those who can’t be too fierce with their look. The strands are styled in waves to bring out the beauty of the color.Dark Rose Gold WavesRosy Gold Curls

Here the lovely pink added in around honey hues gives a sweet touch to the locks. Since a hair color is chic enough you don’t have to go for a sophisticated hairstyle. With proper volume, curls will get a sexy look.Rosy Gold Curls