Chestnut Brown Hair Colors

Chestnut is another rich, warm shade of brunette hair with red and gold undertones. There are really numerous ways to pull off this fabulous hair color to show off your personal flair. Chestnut is a versatile hair color that varies firm light reddish brown to dark amber tones. Choosing the right shade of chestnut hair color for you is the first step to enjoy this beautiful hue. Here we have included the latest chestnut brown hair colors to inspire you and help you pick something for you.Chestnut Brown Hair ColorsClassic Chestnut Hair Color

Auburn chestnut may make you look like a hot redhead. All depends on the shades you decide to use. If you want to achieve this particular one try to avoid adding in any red hues. The chestnut brown hair color gives life to darker strands and keeps them fresh and shiny. However since this color is natural you don’t have to worry about its maintenance.Classic Chestnut Hair ColorReddish Shine

This color is for those who are craving for more shine. The subtle sombre with a hint of red add some extra shine to the locks. It is possible to achieve the same look with partial highlights as well. The locks are styled straight to show off the subtle transition from one color to another. This is one of the most elegant versions of chestnut hair colors that are worth to wear.Reddish brown hair color Caramel Chestnut Hair Color

Golden caramel strands look striking when paired with dark chestnut hair color. Since contrasting highlights are gaining more and more popularity, this option is the best way to go with. The main advantage of this style is that it still looks super natural. However you can adopt this style regardless of your hair length and natural texture.Caramel Chestnut Hair ColorWine Red and Chestnut

Chestnut brown looks stunning with any other hair color. So whatever you consider to sport, use it with chestnut brown shade. This example proves that chestnut is absolutely gorgeous when combined with some wine red patches. So, it allows you to rock brown and red hair colors at the same time. Style your strands in waves to display this color combination.Wine Red and Chestnut hair colorDark Burgundy Chestnut

Well, girls with natural dark hair colors might find it challenging to make their locks shine. Burgundy chestnut hue is a little extravagant but perfect for creating a magnificent appearance. It will provide your desired shine. It flatters almost all skin tones particularly dark complexion. Apart from this color, the strands also have whimsical styling that makes the model stand out.Dark Burgundy Chestnut hair color