Green Hair Colors for 2017

Some females like the idea of having green hair, while others find it too bright. There are so many tones of green that look incredibly awesome when done right. The lighter shades would do well on blonde hair while the darker hues look really well on unbleached strands. But if you decide to pull off lighter shades make sure to deep condition before and after bleaching. With unnatural hair color such as green you shouldn’t wash your hair pretty often. Now have a look at these stunning green hair colors for 2017 and get your inspiration from.Green Hair Colors for 2017Vibrant Green Hair Color

Well, here is a high maintenance look that requires starting by pouring green into a glass bowl and adding the yellow to suit your preferences. The green and yellow tones perfectly melt into each other to create a vibrant hair color. It looks great on women with cool skin complexions. Since the color is already super bright, you don’t have to do anything else to grab attention.Vibrant Green Hair ColorMint with Brown Roots

This ravishing mint green can be achieved by pre-lightening your darker strands. Well, brown roots automatically reduce maintenance. However this model proves that it is not necessary to have ultra-long strands in order to rock green ombre, even with a simple bob you can still look stunning. For a simple styling, sweep your hair to the side to show off your gorgeous facial features.Mint with Brown RootsEmerald Green Hair Color

It is impossible not to love this rich deep green hair color spiced up with highlights. This emerald green hair color is good on unbleached hair too. However, it requires frequent touchups to look fresh and modern. The color is worn on short bob haircut. Blunt bangs update this bob and create a head-turner design. It is a bold look that is worth to pull off.  Emerald Green Hair ColorGreen Ombre and Textured Locks

This particular look is a product of balayage technique. It creates a look that provides maximum visual impact. The darker roots stretch into vibrant tips and create a harmonious blend to give this lob cut an absolutely gorgeous look. It makes the vivid colors easier to spot and a perfect match for any modern woman.Green Ombre and Textured LocksGreen Peek-a-boo Highlights

The peek-a-boo highlights of green and yellow are used equally to uniform this incredible hairstyle the vibrant hues provide that feeling of fierceness and coolness. The highlights are given a shadowy appeal with ashy blonde tone that is used on the top layers. The natural hair color creates contrast with peek-a-boo highlights.Green Peek a boo Highlights