Top 10 Hair Color Trends for 2017

New Year means new hair color! It may seem we have already seen everything- from balayage to silver. What else will be better rather than these trends? Well, probably it’s true. But we have decided to do our own research and list the best hair color trends of 2017 and most of them are already existing trends. However there are still updated versions of your favorite balayage, metallic, and of course, solid shades. If you want to be a step forward from the others, go on reading and find the best option for you.Top 10 Hair Color Trends for 2017Balayage Hair Color

Well, now you can take a deep breath since balayage isn’t going anywhere. This technique continues to grow in popularity by producing different varieties of it. According to Hollywood colorists it is a great option for newbies and it doesn’t require the insane upkeep of coloring all your strands. This technique is still the most beloved one.  Balayage Hair Color Tiger Eye Balayage

Tiger eye is another popular trend that has been named after the stone. Tiger eye balayage is a mix of beautiful caramel and deep brown highlights. Some hair colorists admit that this trend is the new bronde. However it complements warm brunette tones rich in gold, amber and honey shade.Tiger Eye BalayageColor Melting

Color melting is one of the recent trends that will continue to be popular this year. This technique allows colorists to apply different tones of color to create seamless color from top to bottom, whether you are a brunette or blonde.Color MeltingMetallic Mane

Metallic tones are also in demand. These shades use a “metal” like finish and can vary in tone. Metallic hair colors provide with the best hairstyle that looks unique as well. Well, 2017 is going to be a year of metallic hair colors.
Modern Grey Hair Color

Colorist has used pre-lightening to achieve these tones but it may damage the strands. It is recommended toning the tresses every four to six weeks to keep the color vibrant and your strands in the best condition. A high-maintenance look requires lots of care and time.gray hair colorNatural Hair Colors

Solid hair color lovers, we have good news for you. Natural hair colors are still the most requested in popular hair salons. Two-toned colors, smoky brunettes, paler or cooler blondes- these are all in range.choclate hair colorRose Locks

In 2017 we will still see lots of rosy hair. Rose gold hair will never leave the fashion industry. Since we are going to spring and summer, you can take it up a notch and go more in vanilla and sky shades. This is the most feminine shade of the season.rosy hair color

Sun-Kissed Blonde Hair

The best way to achieve richness and depth on lighter tresses is to use semi-permanent color because it creates more shine and is less damaging. The dimension and brightness can be enhanced with a touch of balayage around the face.Sun-Kissed Blonde Hair

Effortless Brown Hair Color

Modern women are pretty busy and most of them are looking for a low-maintenance hair colors. So this trend is for brunettes that can be achieved with single process color, highlight or both of them combined together. Note that it is low maintenance!Effortless Brown Hair ColorPlatinum Blonde

Platinum blonde is the biggest desire of many girls. Well, if you are ready to color your hair to bright blonde, then go ahead, but don’t forget that it requires some bleaching sessions. But it is worth your effort, time and money!platinum blonde hair color