Red-Violet Hair Colors for 2017

2017 red-violet hair colors are for those who crave for new colors. Red-violet hair color will definitely breathe new life to your strands. It is a unique hue that requires blending red and violets together for a totally new hair tint. However this shade stands out because of its brightness and elegance. There are limitless techniques that you can use to apply a fabulous red-violet color to your hair. With a color like this you can create a striking appearance. Go on reading for some inspiration.Red Violet Hair Colors for 2017Red-Violet Balayage Ombre

A hairstyle like this will definitely get a second glance. This stunning look is a product of creative color combination. Apart from being creative it is also very easy because you only need to transition from your natural black base color to a dark red-violet hue to achieve a mind-blowing and head-turner hair color. You will be totally pleased with the result.Red Violet Balayage OmbreRed Violet Sombre

The techniques of applying colors are really diverse. The beauty of these tresses comes from the fact that the shade is hand painted. If you look closer you will notice that the tips are slightly brighter that the roots and this creates a sombre-like design. With perm spirals the color pops up and looks pretty catchy.Red Violet SombreDeep Red Violet Hair

This natural texture would probably look stunning in any hair color because it has an excellent volume and brushed out curls. But the color takes the overall look a step higher. The deep violet hue gives the hair some extra elegance. The shade is used throughout the locks that look cool when it is combined with natural curls.Deep Red Violet HairRedhead Balayage Hair Color

Redheads have always stood out in the crowd. If you also want to have a hair color that will look different, you should choose your hues keenly. This particular style requires using balayage technique to paint red violet on a long black hair and achieve an adorable redhead look. The long tresses have some cute brushed out curls that are styled in messy pattern.Redhead Balayage Hair ColorDark Purple and Red Violet Hair

In order to achieve this desirable headdress you will first need to paint your long and textured curly locks with red violet hair hues. Once you have achieved these shades, you will need to introduce a dark purple hue though balayage technique to give your strands a distinct tone. This hair color looks cool on any hair length- from long to ultra short.Dark Purple and Red Violet Hair