Dip Dye Hair Colors

Like ombre, balayage and sombre, dip hair colors also have gain popularity in this industry. The fact about this technique is that there is a cool option for everyone regardless of your blonde or brown tresses. Dip Dye job may instantly change your entire look. The uniqueness of this technique is that it requires applying unnatural bright colors to the ends of the strands. Those with shorter strands can start much higher. Note that dip dye job is not about blending the hues seamlessly such as balayage and ombre.Dip Dye Hair ColorsBlue-Black Dip Dye Hair

The striking teal shade fits perfectly when paired with a deep black crown. Teal is a an excellent option for your dip dye job, particularly when you are ready for an bolder look that can be described as feminine and sexy as well. In order to apply this deep color to the ends of your strands, you will have to bleach the tips.     Blue-Black Dip Dye HairUnexpected Pink Dip Dye

Bright pink is the most feminine shade for every season of the year. Whether you believe or not, but it is super easy to obtain regardless of what your current hair color is. Super bright pink can be combined with a wide range of natural tints including brunette hues. It also works with almost any color of clothes.Unexpected Pink Dip DyeFaded Pink on Brunette Hair

Most of brunette shades make a great base for dip dye look. The best thing is that you can achieve a cool look without going all-over color change. However this is one of the super simple styles to achieve if you have previously bleached your tips. You can take any hue instead of faded pink and still have a stylish and modern look. Keep in your mind that you should use conditioners and shampoos to keep the unnatural hue bright and shiny.Faded Pink on Brunette HairPurple Dip Dye Hair

Similar to blue and pink, purple is an amazing hue for modern ombre and dip dye designs. In case if you want to obtain a bit more of an edgier style, this is the best option for you to go ahead. Well, purple is a stunning option for darker natural hair colors such as brown and black. Natural base reduces maintenance while keeping the look trendy and stylish.Dip Dye Hair Color for Blondes

If you find your blonde hair boring and monotone, you can update it with brighter hues through dip dye technique. Pastel hues can easily be applied to light blonde shade but it may fade away after several washes. This means that you have to go for regular touch ups. It is a high-maintenance look that requires lots of attention and care, but it is worth it!Dip Dye Hair Color for Blondes