Mermaid Hair Color Ideas

Every girl dreams to channel her inner mermaid. The best way to do that is to dye you tresses in vibrant mermaid hues. There is a mermaid look that was made for you regardless of your texture, style or personality. Pick contrasting hues or go for colors that are from the same color family. Now you can apply your love for color your hair. Professionally dyed mermaid locks are a feast for the eyes. Below you will find the delicate and subtle versions of mermaid hair colors that that offer bold and bright solutions.Mermaid Hair Color IdeasPastel Hues and Platinum Hair

Dying hair pastel is really fun. However to achieve this hair color you will still need to be bleached. With a light base color the things get a lot easier. Platinum blonde hair owners can set any light shade without bleaching. In case if you are going to bleach your hair, make sure that your colorist takes all persecutions to minimize the damage for your strands. Ask about home treatments as well.Pastel Hues and Platinum HairPurple Blue Hair Color

Not all women will risk dying their hair in bright head-turning shades. But if you are bold enough and you are ready to wear the brightest hair colors, here is an excellent style for you. Purple and blue shades have been perfectly combined to create a modern mermaid hairstyle. This color combination looks absolutely gorgeous on long strands.Purple Blue Hair ColorGrey Hair with Purples

Purple color-melt is a fantastic way to show off you fun soul. Dye your roots in a darker shade and place some pink and purple strands at different places. Note that this color combination looks so fantastic with a hint of grey. For styling, simply curl the mid-shaft leaving the ends straight. With a hairstyle like this you will definitely stand out.Grey Hair with PurplesCandy Colored Highlights

Bright colors tempt you, but you can’t commit between the hues? Choose all of them! Pastels and neons, thin or chunky highlights- the variations are really endless. The most important thing to remember is that you should choose shades that suit your base. For a simple styling, braid your strands to imitate mermaids.Candy Colored HighlightsRainbow Colored Hair

To get the rainbow-inspired mermaid hair, opt for 4-6 colors and then perfectly arrange them. In this case the choice of the tones is crucial. Choose you favorite tones and consult a professional to know whether the tones work together or not. You can apply the shades in various ways- color melt, ombre, balayage and etc.Rainbow Colored Hair