2017 Balayage Hair Colors with Blonde Highlights

Balayage hair colors are the hottest hair trends of today. These colors are the most requested in salons since balayage technique is the best to keep the hair looking fresh and natural while still rocking your favorite highlighted look. Day by day balayage colored strands gain more and more popularity. Here we have selected some stunning balayage hair colors with blonde highlights for 2017 to inspire you and give you ideas on how your balayage hair is going to look like with blonde highlights.2017 Balayage Hair Colors with Blonde HighlightsBalayage-Ombre Shoulder-Length Hair

Here the balayage colored look creates an ombre effect starting with a dark brown base and fading into the blonde highlights at the ends. It is an easy-to-create look that is great for everyday use. The balayage blonde highlights will look stunning under the sun. However whenever you decide to try out this look you can style with ease.Balayage Ombre Shoulder Length HairLong Waves with Balayage Highlights

Who said balayage hair color is all about bright highlights? It is not necessary to go bright when you are looking for a natural glow. Here is a cute style of long hair that doesn’t use any contrasting tone instead the colors perfectly melt into each other. However you can still see where the balayage highlights begin. The simple styling makes the style even better.Long Waves with Balayage HighlightsChic Ombre Hair

With balayage-colored strands an ombre effect on lengthy hair is probably the most striking. You can let it cascade down or pull it into a loose ponytail for a look that you can wear whenever you want and wherever you want. Due to a chic color combination, this is one style you can dress up or down without any other elements.Chic Ombre HairFrosty Blonde Highlights

With an amazingly structured balayage hair you don’t have to worry about the grown out roots. Actually we can say that the darker roots are a part of the design. If you have naturally dark tresses this works to your advantage. Some women find it hard to take the risk and go brighter but this trend gives everyone an option.Frosty Blonde HighlightsGorgeous Caramel Waves

Your ultra-long strands will be shining with balayage caramel color and the waves will give you that airy look. In this particular style the caramel color blends into darker brown so the highlights appear natural and sun-kissed. Well, since the color is already chic, you don’t have to worry about complicated hairstyles, -waves work for any occasion!Gorgeous Caramel WavesContrasting Balayage Hair Color

The vibrant contrast between brown and approximately white-blonde is more than visible. The blonde shade transitions via an ombre pattern, so it is possible to see how the deep brown lightens before being contrasted against the blonde. The texture and volume of these strands is just fantastic.Contrasting Balayage Hair Color