Chic Platinum Blonde Hair Colors

Platinum blonde hair colors aren’t new but lately lots of Hollywood starlets have been getting the splendid icy-blonde makeover. Well, going platinum blonde isn’t an easy task and there are some important points to take into consideration before going white blonde. First concern is the potential damage that your hair will face. It is possible to achieve this hue only after several bleaching sessions which may damage your strands. It is definitely not a low-maintenance look, so you will need to take lots of care of it. It will be better to ask your colorist for the best hair color treatments. The next important thing to consider is your skin complexion. Consult with your colorist to know whether this shade is for you or not.Chic Platinum Blonde Hair ColorsPlatinum Blonde Locks

Platinum blonde hair color accessorizes these ultra-long strands. This particular look features platinum feathers and dark roots. The darker streaks perfectly melt into platinum blonde shade to create a unique and mind-blowing hair color. The entire effect is both pretty and dramatic. So consider this option as your next makeover.Platinum Blonde LocksPlatinum White Bob

This hairdo is chic and splendid from top to bottom. What else you need to boost your confidence rather than a hairstyle like this. The brown base is beautifully highlighted by platinum blonde that seamlessly blends with the darker hair color. A bob with blunt is a fantastic haircut choice for a color combination like this. Just keep your strands straight for a better effect.Platinum White BobPlatinum Ombre

It is the highest moment to embrace the latest trend of dark roots. The tendency of wearing different hair colors with dark roots is growing day by day. If you have platinum locks and you notice that the black roots pop up, don’t run to hair salon. The grown out roots make a perfect combination with blonde hair creating a stunning blonde ombre pattern. Below you can see the best example.  Platinum OmbreFrozen Platinum Blonde

At the first glance these locks appear to be a solid color but whenever you look closely you will notice some soft lowlights that has been professionally applied and blended into the platinum blonde strands. Since the color is already chic you don’t need to adopt sophisticated hairstyles to look amazing. The hair has been blow dried straight and they are just below the shoulders.Curly Platinum Blonde

This hairdo reminds us of “sex symbol” Marilyn Monroe. The sparkling look comes from an ashy platinum color applied to all the hair. Apart from the color, the strands have been cut into bangs and feathered out to seem longer at the back. This headdress will definitely allow you to channel your inner Marilyn Monroe.    Curly Platinum Blonde