Subtle Lavender Hair Colors for 2017

Lavender is a pale tint of purple that reminds us of perfumed soaps and lavender flowers. Lavender makes a great choice for hair colors and there are many tones to choose from, ranging from the lightest pastel to electric shades. Whether you want full color, dipped tips or an ombre, lavender is a cool tone that you should definitely try out.  In order to inspire you, I have selected several lavender hair colors for 2017. Let’s hope you will find something cool appropriate for your skin complexion and preferences.Subtle Lavender Hair Colors for 2017Mauve Color Melt

If you want to achieve this look, you should opt for a balayage technique. Here we can see how freehand color technique has been used to create a seamless color melt. As you can see, lavender pastel purple and sky blue shades create an excellent color combination. When it comes to styling, you will need to create loose S-shaped waves that also help bring out the colors.Mauve Color MeltMetallic Lavender Hair

The strands are cut short and waved to create a funky look. But it is still the splendid color that makes the design stand out. It is ombre lavender hair color that is in darker purple near the top fading into metallic pale lavender. This color takes the overall look to a top notch and makes the wearer stand out in the crowd. If you love it, just go ahead with it!Metallic Lavender HairSilver Lavender Bob

Here is another color combination that looks no less creative than the previous ones. In this style the dark silvery grey at the top keeps the roots healthy and perfectly blends into the metallic lavender creating a chic ombre pattern. Silver and lavender also work well together. Ultra light feathery bob haircut is an excellent option for this ombre pattern.Silver Lavender BobLavender Streaks

This particular style features dark brown base and honey and butter blonde colored strands. To enhance the overall appearance of this headdress you will need to add some lavender streaks. When it comes to styling it is not necessary to opt for complicated hairstyles, since even a simple braided hairdo will bring out the beauty of this multidimensional hair color.Lavender StreaksLavender Ombre

If you desire something unique, then you will definitely love this option. A hairstyle like this will turn lots of heads. Well, it comes from inky black roots that melt into a brick red. The rest of strands have been colored in silver and lavender. The edges add some extra volume. Anyway it is better to keep your strands straight to show off the best of this color combo.Lavender Ombre