Honey Brown Hair Colors

You can get honey brown hair color by pairing different shades of brown. This shade will make your locks look fabulous and flattering. Like any other brown shade, honey brown is also very easy to achieve if you know how to mix the shades correctly to get a right color combination. This color works for all skin tones. You can have it in balayage or in any other pattern such as ombre, sombre or highlights. The following examples of honey brown hair colors will give you ideas on how to experiment with this shade.Honey Brown Hair ColorsSombre with Blonde Tips

The textured locks look amazing and somehow you may think it is a complicated style to copy.  However you can achieve it by lifting your brown base with a light blonde shade and hand painting it in a Sombre pattern. Apart from the color the lovely texture adds some detail to the tone, and a nice trim comes in handy.Sombre with Blonde TipsLight Brown Highlights

Highlights allow you to pull off a lovely hair color without having to use too much color. This particular hairstyle is all about the highlights and requires painting some lovely streaks on a brown base to create a fabulous pattern. Apart from a chic hair color, the strands also involve layering and styling them into waves.Sun-Kissed Honey Brown Strands

These strands have an excellent color melt and ombre pattern. It is a great style to recreate by introducing honey brown shade to the brunette locks. This color involves introducing honey brown to the brunette strands and then transitioning it to a blend of caramel. It is impossible not to love this natural-looking hair color.Sun-Kissed Honey Brown StrandsCopper Blonde Hair

Due to a simple yet feminine styling the hues look fantastic and lovely. However it is still the color choice that makes the strands stand out. In order to achieve this style you will need to hand paint a light blonde into a hue of copper to create an excellent color melt. The best thing about this style is that it is a low-maintenance.Copper Blonde HairBrown Color Blend

If you are fond of natural-looking hair colors you will definitely love this style. It requires combining several tones of brown. Like other brown tones this one is also easy to achieve, and it looks pretty detailed due to the brown hues. For a simple styling draw a simple side part and simply style your hair in waves.Brown Color Blend