Copper Hair Colors for 2017

Copper hair color has always been in the center of attention and the reason behind this is that it is a super versatile hue. It is important to pick up a right tone of ginger otherwise you risk ending up with a color that looks pretty plain and boring. Copper is a distinctive shade and can enhance your overall look. While choosing a copper hue for you, take into consideration your undertones. Eye color also plays a big role. Those who have pinky or red undertones will look great wearing copper hair. Now have a look at these copper hair colors for 2017, and pick up something according to your skin tone.Copper Hair Colors for 2017Chocolate and Copper Hair

Brown and copper hair colors make a winning combination that is really warm and flattering for a lot of females. In this particular style the color grows out perfectly and the transition looks natural. The technique of applying the colors is also important. Ask your colorist to get the colors through an ombre pattern for a better effect. Style your strands in waves to bring out the beauty of the colors.   Chocolate and Copper HairCopper Red Hair

This amazing color comes from highlighting the chocolate brown strands with a stunning copper tone. The copper hue also adds some movement and dimension through the stands. These simple shoulder-gazing strands are styled in waves for a carefree and nonchalant look. Just make sure to keep your hair fresh and healthy with the help of hair products.Copper Red HairLight Copper Highlights

If you want to brighten up your dark base, here is how you can do that. Add in some light copper highlights to enhance your red hair color. This trick creates a vibrant hair color that makes any hairstyle look soft and delicate. It is the easiest way to take your look to a top notch and achieve a stunning look. With a hair color like this you will definitely get the reputation of true redhead.Light Copper HighlightsRed Roots Copper Tips

If you keep the roots a bit darker while going lighter towards the tips, is the best way to rock a modern hairstyle. Here the red shade transitions beautifully into the copper that is pretty bright and works really well with the warm red roots. The shade is already rich enough so you don’t need to go for a sophisticated hairstyle.Red Roots Copper TipsCopper Hair

If you feel like going all over copper, here is the best inspiration for you. Light copper is a subtle take on the color and it looks pretty stunning. The tresses look sleek with undertones of brown and blonde blended in with the red but the copper is still the main color. Draw a simple center part to enhance the overall appearance of the style.Copper Hair