Trendsetting Pastel Pink Hair Colors

Ladies who want to go bold with their hairdos, pastel pink is the top option. The brightness of pastel pink hair colors are meant to light up your look and give some beautiful aura to your headdress. Pink hair colors are not new in hair trend but they are still in mainstream. It is not surprising anymore seeing ladies walking down the street with pink hair. If you are not sure about it yet, these pictures will definitely inspire you and help you choose the best option for you.Trendsetting Pastel Pink Hair ColorsBlonde Pink Sombre

You don’t have to go for super bright color to look amazing. In this style the whitish pink shade will give your ombre a deserving look. As you can see the blonde and pink colors create a stunning combination. Everyone can rock this hair color- from young ladies to aged women. A headdress like this will definitely boost your confidence.Blonde Pink SombreVanilla Pinkish Shade

The styling of theses locks is just amazing and it entails sectioning your strands and pulling it up into a high top knot. The rest of locks are in a wavy pattern that makes the overall look super effortless. However it is still the color that makes the design stand out. The vanilla pinkish shade creates a delicate and subtle look. Make sure to use conditioners and shampoos for color-treated locks.Vanilla Pinkish ShadeCandy Pink Hair

Now it is really possible to make your strands as delicious as cotton candies. Here is how you can do that, simply give your strands a cotton candy pinkish shade that looks best when exposed to sunlight. This color will leave your strands white while maintaining a breathtaking glamour. To create the best look out of this color, you should style your strands in a face-framing design.Candy Pink HairPurple Pink Hair

Well, this purple-pink is a perfect combination to bring some difference to your monotone dark strands. In this style the base has been colored with a deep rosy color, while the bottom is tinted with a muted pink to bring out your blonde strands. If you have light hair, you will not need to go for bleaching to achieve an eye-catching headdress like this one.Purple Pink HairPastel Pink with Dark Roots

If you want to have an attractive look all day long the pastel hair with a touch of black roots is definitely a perfect option for you. The darker roots reduce maintenance of the look. So you don’t have to go for touchups as soon as you notice grown out roots. To create a festive look, style your strands with double buns that will also make the color more visible and appealing.Pastel Pink with Dark Roots