Caramel Hair Colors for 2017

If you haven’t tried caramel hair colors yet, you are missing out one of the greatest trends of the season. This delicious hue makes an excellent option for highlights, lowlights and dip dyes. Since caramel hair colors come in various shades, you will easily find something according to your skin tone and preferences. Another interesting fact about caramel hair colors is that it can be perfectly paired with other hues. These caramel hair colors for 2017 will give you new ideas on how you can rock this sweet hue.  Caramel Hair Colors for 2017Brunette Locks with Highlights 

The highlights in this hairstyle are stunning but what makes the strands stand out is the color choice. Caramel blonde hair highlights have been incorporated into brunette locks to create a natural-looking appearance. Apart from the highlights, these strands have an ombre pattern and a simple brush back style that enhance the overall appearance.Caramel Latte Lob

Well, this bob haircut has an excellent cut and it is also incredible due to the smooth styling. The natural-looking color makes the design stand out and it comes from mixing caramel latte into a dark brown base. With a short haircut you don’t have to put lots of effort to achieve an elegant style like this. Draw a simple center part for a more modern and feminine look.Caramel Latte LobCaramel Blonde Sombre

There are various shades of caramel, and all of them can give you a fabulous look regardless of the technique you will use. The caramel blonde in this design is in a soft ombre pattern that is head painted correctly. These locks are also very long that help to put the color on display. The best thing about this style is that it is low-maintenance.Caramel Blonde SombreBlonde Streaks

The first thing that grabs our attention about this style is a dark caramel brown that has been spiced up with some beautiful pops of blonde. However the styling is also amazing and it entails knitting a loose twist and layering the strands to the back. This is one of the best ways to pull off the caramel hue. If you love this look, don’t hesitate to copy it for the upcoming seasons.Blonde StreaksCaramel Hue on Beach Waves

In order to copy this look you will need to have some shadowy roots or a black base and then transition it to a blend of caramel and blonde in an ombre style. Then style your strands in soft waves to create a lovely headdress. If you have medium-length strands you can easily re-create this look. It is a multi-dimensional hair color that looks too adorable on shoulder-gazing strands.Caramel Hue on Beach Waves