Feminine Pastel Hair Colors

Gone are the days when hair came in four main colors (blonde, redhead, brunette and black). Nowadays you can play around with fantasy colors and create a unique hair color. Today we have stored some feminine pastel hair colors that look so delicious and sweet. Before getting the pastel, you will need to bleach your hair and the thing about pre-bleaching hair is that it can get damaged if it is not done correctly. It is necessary to lift the hair color light enough so that the pastel will appear. Ask your colorist to add any treatment to the bleach in order to protect your strands. The level of bleaching is based on your natural hair color. It is highly recommended to consult with your colorist before pulling off any pastel shade.Feminine Pastel Hair ColorsRebellious Purple to Pink Ombre

Here is a multidimensional pastel hair color that will wake your inner mermaid up. Purple roots, pastel pink tips and blue with curled locks appear like a lovely anime cartoon head here. This magical ombre creates a striking look that is simply irresistible. The thing to know about this look is that it is high-maintenance and requires lots of time and money to keep it fresh.Rebellious Purple to Pink OmbrePastel Pink Hair

All shades of pink included blush, rose, salmon, orchid, pale pink are totally in mainstream. If you want to experiment with this shade, but you think that it will damage your strands, start with hair chalks, or wigs. These methods will allow you to understand whether this color is for you or not. It is a look that will grab lots of attention.Pastel Pink HairMauve Metallic Balayage

Those who enjoy their golden locks will certainly find soft metallic mauve pretty flattering. This is one of the loveliest examples of the pastel balayage hair color that incorporates some rainbow hues that transform the look of that mane. If your strands are not as long as these, you may opt for hair extensions. Anyway a headdress like this will speak about your bold nature as well.Mauve Metallic BalayageRose Ombre Balayage

This particular headdress requires mixing a rose gold hair color with white blonde and grey ends. The choice of colors is pretty interesting and everyone would want to have a natural hair color like this. It has been achieved with the help of balayage technique done in an ombre pattern. Undoubtedly you will need a skilful hair colorist to re-create this particular style.Rose Ombre BalayageDark Pastel Balayage

Here the strands on the top layers use a purple, the bottom layers are in an aqua meets sky blue and in the middle we have locks of gold and green that give the strands a special touch. The shoulder length tresses have been styled in a carefree and nonchalant style to bring out the beauty of unicorn hair.Dark Pastel Balayage