Trendy Silver Hair Colors for 2017

Silver hair color trend has taken the beauty industry. Beauty bloggers demonstrate their delicious silver hair by making others go silver too. Have you ever wondered how many styles and looks you can achieve using silver as one of the main tones of your hair? You can achieve silver in a flattering ombre, delicate highlights, ultra-feminine balayage and etc. If you also want to experiment with this trend, you will definitely love these stylish silver hair colors for 2017. Hope you will get your match.Trendy Silver Hair Colors for 2017Silver Blonde Hair Color

Nothing looks better rather than shiny and healthy hair. The sheen of silver grey strands is just incredible and it creates the illusion of lip gloss for the locks. These strands are really styled on point to bring out the beauty of the color. It is the best example of stylish silver hair color that you can try out. With a headdress like this you will definitely grab lots of attention.Silver Blonde Hair ColorSilver Ash Blonde

The shadowy effect created by the ash blonde base has been kept to match with highlights of silver. The best thing about darker roots is that they reduce maintenance. The strands are made wavy for a flattery finish plus they provide lots of dimension and movement. As I have already mentioned it is a low-maintenance style that is easy to achieve with amazing texture.Silver Ash Blonde hair color for 2017Silver Balayage Ombre

The magnificent color transition gives these asymmetric strands tones of attitude. This balayage ombre fades form ash blonde to a lighter silver blonde for a better look. It is a fun take on an asymmetric haircut with lots of height and curls that are sure to make you stand out in the crowd. Note that the color is not so light, so it is an excellent option for women who are in love with darker shades.Silver Balayage Ombre for 2017Silver Peek-a-boo Highlights

The base is black and it has been spiced up with peek-a-boo highlights of silver, blue and grey to lighten up the overall look. With this color solution you just need to opt for a right haircut and hairstyle. The layered wavy locks are surely the best to create an absolutely stunning look. These highlights allow you to experiment with this trend without making it too risky.Silver Peek-a-boo HighlightsWarm Silver Tones

In this particular style the balayage highlights of ash blonde, copper and silver make the darker locks stunning and ultra-feminine. Apart from the color, these strands are given a touch of texture with the help of sexy waves. You can give your strands a healthier look with the help of hair products such as conditioners and shampoos.Warm Silver Tones for 2017