Dark Ombre Hair Color Ideas for 2017

2017 dark ombre hair colors are totally worth your time and effort. Dark ombres are really versatile and provide a modern and stylish headdress. Most of dark ombres are low-maintenance so they don’t require lots of care. I have done my own research on the internet and came up with some dark ombre ideas that can be a perfect match for you. Read more and find out the best ideas that will help you spice up your look and give some detail to your darker strands.Dark Ombre Hair Color Ideas for 2017Silver Ombre Hair

You can add some brown hue to your roots to give some life to the darker locks. As you can see here the brown color sits well at the top and turns into silver at the bottom. The strands are styled in curls to demonstrate the beauty of the color-fade. If you want to give your strands an unusual color solution this is the best way to go with.Silver Ombre HairCopper Sombre Hair Color

Here is a brilliant idea for ladies who don’t want to go for a look that has too much contrast. With this ombre you will definitely warm the things up. If you want to re-create it you will need to ask your hair colorist for copper highlights achieved through balayage technique. The result appears to be a perfect dark and copper combo that is a perfect match for those with dark to medium skin tones. This subtle ombre will give you an elegant and ultra-feminine look.Copper Sombre Hair ColorRed Ombre

Here is an excellent option for redheads who want to update their red locks. And it entails creating a mind-blowing combination of red and balayage highlights of blonde. As you can see the vibrant red makes a perfect color for the dark base. Plenty of length with curly locks allows demonstrating the colors in the best way.Red Ombre for 2017Champagne Balayage Ombre

If you truly desire something that will turn many heads, then this champagne balayage ombre is definitely for you. Well, start with a dark brown on the top with champagne at the bottom. Blonde tips come in handy to make this style even more stunning. The perfectly matched colors create a more natural appeal. Give your strands some curls to finish your look.Champagne Balayage OmbreBrown Blonde Sombre

These delicious blonde curls are cute and go really well with natural brown base. This funky look is also low-maintenance and can be easily achieved. The curls add some movement in the hair. This brown-blonde ombre has been achieved on short locks that have been styled in carefree waves.  Brown Blonde Sombre