Light Blonde Hair Color Ideas for 2017

Light blonde hair colors for 2017 are really versatile because they exist in numerous different shades. Light blonde hair color includes buttery, golden, icy, platinum and sandy blonde tones. Almost all shades of blonde complement fair skin tones but that doesn’t mean women with other skin complexions can’t opt for blonde tones. Light blonde hair is an excellent canvas for experimenting with other hues as well. Check out these gorgeous variations of light blonde hair and get inspired from.Light Blonde Hair Color Ideas for 2017Golden Balayage Blonde

These smooth blonde strands have been achieved with the help of balayage technique. It entails transitioning from the dark roots to the tousled golden locks with textured finish. Apart from the color these tresses also have a modern medium-length cut that brings out the beauty of the golden blonde shade. Anyway you can achieve this windswept look using texturizing products.Golden Balayage Blonde for 2017Platinum Lob Hair

Give your roots darker shade to accentuate the radiance of your light blonde hair. This amazing platinum lob features a superb color with tones of natural texture created by its choppy cut. The latest trends are all about darker roots and lighter tips and this one is not an exception too. If you want to make a fashion statement it is a way to go with.Platinum Lob Hair for 2017Light Blonde with Highlights

This simple look features a curly texture done on light blonde hair. The revealed roots give an extra pop to the strands and help accentuate the airiness of the light blonde tresses and also create a top-notch look. It is possible to achieve this particular look using balayage babylights. Give your strands some big waves to finish the look.Light Blonde with Highlights for 2017Beige Blonde Hair Color

This unique beige shade jazzes up the look and it is a lovely change from regular butter blonde shade. This stunning color looks superb and flatters numerous skin tones. If you are a brunette, you will need to go for bleaching sessions to achieve a color like this but before that make sure that you have healthy tresses otherwise it will be difficult to avoid of damage.Beige Blonde Hair Color for 2017Ice Blonde Hair Color

Icy blonde hair color works well with many skin tones and it makes an excellent combination with other shades as well. It looks cool even without any additional color but throwing in some muted accents can result a delicate finish. Anyway the length of your strands is not important since it is an excellent accessory of any hair length. Just make sure to use conditioners and shampoos for color-treated hair to keep your strands fresh and healthy.Ice Blonde Hair Color